5 habits of a successful care worker

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Whether you have just started your career as a care worker or you want to brush up on your skills, there are always helpful tips that will enable you to be more successful.

In terms of success, this can be measured in terms of your love of the job and the feeling of accomplishment that you get at the end of every day. Also, it can be viewed in terms of how happy and well cared for the people you help are and how much they look forward to your visits.

With this in mind, here are a few helpful habits that you may wish to put to good use:

Interact – not only will this make your job far more enjoyable but the people you assist will get to know you, relating to you more easily. As they relax in your care and become more communicative, you will find out more about them and their needs and wants so looking after them will naturally become more instinctive. Your role as a care giver will become less problematic and you will feel closer to those you are looking after.

  • Treat with respect – at times, the people you assist may be difficult, demanding and even unpredictable but if you can keep your head and treat them respectfully no matter what, your role will be appreciated by them and they will realise that you are a calm, professional and caring person. This creates a win-win situation so that when difficulties do occur, they are more easily overcome and the relationship returns to normal more quickly.
  • Be patient – you may be a naturally patient person or you may need to learn this quality. However, inherent or not, being self-aware and showing sensitivity and good judgement when dealing with people will result in empathy. Being able to put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they and their families feel enables to treat them in the best way. If they struggle due to disability or ill health or just old age, take the time to treat them as you would anyone else and never be controlling.
  • Think long term – most people don’t like change so when you begin to work with people as their care giver, think long term. Both they and their family will feel far more secure and happier if they know that you are going to be the key person looking after them for a good length of time; already in a delicate position, people can easily be upset at the thought of their care worker changing for any reason.
  • Remember that you are caring for people – like any other career, being a care worker is a job and it earns you money but more than any other role, your services are crucially in demand when you are looking after someone else. No matter their age or condition, when you come into their life you have the ability to change it for the better, so always work your hardest to do so.

It can be a real privilege to hold such an important role in the lives of others. The more person-centred you are, the more your role as a care giver will reward you, enabling you to be a successful care worker that loves what they do.

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