How to Find a Job in Care

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to work in a caring role – one tending to individuals in their own homes in particular – it’s then time to take the next step. And by that we mean find a suitable job. There are various avenues you can explore in order to do this and we’ve highlighted some of the main ones right here:

Searching for a care job



Like most care jobs these days you’ll require qualifications to work with vulnerable individuals (i.e. children, elderly people, or those with physical/mental/learning disabilities).

You can get these by attending college full time or by working in the job and studying at night, day release etc. Many companies will put staff through these qualifications which could include: a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care, a Diploma in Adult Care and a Level 4 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care in a particular field such as Children and Young People’s Services, Dementia etc. It’s also possible to go on and study for specific roles via continuing professional development.


It’s a great way to find out first hand if you’re going to enjoy a caring role. Volunteering also gives you brownie points when you apply for a job in the sector (since you’ve already shown a commitment to your career choice). It’s also one of the best methods of building up a network of relevant contacts for those working in the field so that if a job does come up, chances are they’ll let you know straight away. Find a volunteer role through checking your local online community boards and charity websites.

Being pro-active

You can go down to your local employment centre, search through online job boards (including,, your local council and the NHS) or ask friends and neighbours if they’ve heard of any care roles that have come up. But it’s far better to be pro-active. Do this by writing to companies you’ve researched and would like to work for and asking if they’d bear you in mind for any positions that come up. This could be by both letter and email (just make sure you get the correct person’s email address in the first place).

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