What difference can a care worker make to someone’s life?

Imagine losing the independence you have taken for granted all of your life. The vulnerability you would feel in the day to day tussle of living is immense – and maybe unimaginable. What difference can a care worker make to the life of someone who feels this sense of vulnerability?

how caring for someone can help them

Ultimately, the care worker prevents harm coming to that patient. The prevention of harm is the most important mantra of someone working in care. Making sure a person can get out of bed, get moving into their day, take the suitable medication, eat and drink appropriately – all of these small details keep those who need care both emotionally and physically safe. This is already a major difference to someone’s life.

Helping provide a degree of independence and a chance to experience contentment in amongst difficulties, is the greatest impact a care worker can have on a person’s life. Balancing the management of a person’s needs with a promotion of their independence is a difficult part of the job. However, if you can give the patient the tools to help themselves, then you have really made a difference to that person’s life.

For those in need of care, feeling alone with their limitations can be as destructive as any physical or mental limitations. As a care worker you can break into that isolation, be a friendly face, helping them to see their worth in society again and helping them to keep in touch with family and friends.

You might feel invisible as a care worker at times and that you aren’t given much recognition for your efforts, but it is worth remembering the difference you make to those that need help – as this is what will keep you showing up for work each day.

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