What qualities do you need to work as a care worker?

Nearly everyone entering the care profession does so with a desire to make a difference. The number of care workers who are doing it to just earn a living can be counted on one hand. The best care workers have something special, a quality, which means they can bring comfort to others. How can we define this quality?

First and most importantly, the carer has empathy. This is not sympathy. This is not feeling pity for the person who needs care. Instead it is an ability to anticipate how that person will feel in that situation and respond with compassion to this knowledge. A good carer can anticipate what a person needs before they ask for the help themselves. Empathy is crucial if you are to maintain the dignity of the person you are caring for. Without empathy, you could be in danger of only seeing the needs that must be met, instead of seeing them as person.

a smile always helps

Second, the best carers will promote a sense of independence in the person needing care and a cheery disposition. Can you imagine the loss of your capacity to feed yourself, bathe yourself, get dressed, leave the house, seek medical attention? The best carer knows that they have to keep showing up, reliably and on time, having a positive attitude towards life and helping to build confidence in themselves at doing small tasks that they’re capable of.

Third, you need patience. There is every possibility that the person receiving your care will not respond positively or cooperate. They might be abusive, rude, or reject your help. The likelihood that this person actually wants your care is high but they might be frustrated with their situation or fed up with trying to find a suitable carer. So the best carers keep trying to win their trust.

Finally, physical and emotional strength. The care-givers role is to sometimes lift patients and manoeuvre them into a bath or into bed so physical strength can be required. However, the care-givers’ role is also to manage the emotional weight of the situation and react at different times of the day to these needs. The ability to be physically and mentally strong, as well as adaptable, is a crucial quality of the best care-givers.

No-one said a role in care would be easy but being empathetic, reliable, patient and physically and emotionally strong will certainly help you to be the best care worker.  

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